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10 Things you should buy right now!

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Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave S’mores Maker


This is the most fun s’mores maker we’ve ever seen. 


Get’s The Job Done

Scrape A Round Ice $9.49

If you own a car, you know the awful moment when you go out in the morning to head to work and finding your windows covered in ice. This scraper-cone is your savior: the easiest and most effective way to get all that ice off! AND WE KNOW WINTER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!


Thirst Quenching ‘Cool-Factor’

que Water Bottle

$29.99 BUY NOW

Started on Kickstarter – The que water bottle, available in two sizes, twists up and down to expand or contract, making it super compact and easy to carry around once you’ve finished drinking. It has a wide mouth to allow for all sizes of ice cubes, and it can also hold hot liquids! Probably the coolest bottle you could have on college campus!



Hasbro Speak Out Game. $12.19 BUY NOW.

Speak Out has been taking the world by storm since it was released. It’s a pronunciation challenge game that comes with plastic apparatuses that hold your cheeks open while you try to pronounce words, making everyone look like total idiots and bringing endless laughs to game nights everywhere. We played this at our last family party and I honestly do not think I have ever laughed so hard. This is a must have!